2009-10-22 11:12 pm

Ficlet: Original - Scifi (Speculative) - Self-Inflicted

"What the hell is this?" muttered Dr. Frank Odeon of the St. Francis's Mercy Hospital, slumping against the wall as he downed his tenth cup that long, miserable night. "Two straight weeks - two straight weeks of these cases. Malnourishment, groinal trauma, and God knows how many forms of skin lesions! What the hell is going on out there?"

His assistant wearily shrugged. "The sims, of course. That new immersion game they released... it's maybe too realistic."

"What, are they hypnotizing an entire generation of geeks?" complained Odeon as he crushed his paper cup and tossed it into the overflowing trash bin. "They ought to ban something that psychologically dangerous."

"Wouldn't that also mean they'd have to ban medical telepresence?" asked his assistant as he also reached for a cup. "It's also commercially available, after all - and based on the same technology."

Odeon opened his mouth to no avail, finally settling a spluttering "This and that are two different things!"

Motor oil dripped out of his discarded cup as he stalked off back towards dealing with yet another two dozen self-inflicted illnesses, hundreds of miles away.
2009-09-15 07:41 pm

By their function you shall know 'em...

So my LJ pretty much devolved (or is it evolved?) into a de facto devblog for Thoughtscream Media. At least, until we get the actual site up and have a proper devblog - after which LJ gets to go back into whiny boring daily life mode.

So what's this blog for?

The occasional bit of fiction. The... very... occasional bit of fiction. Mostly stuff from the book project universe, I think. I'll decide on it when I get around to, yanno, writing fiction again.

So busy.